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6 Reasons why you should be using our Personal Finance Portal

1 Secure Messaging

Your data and privacy is of paramount importance to us with more demand and emphasis being placed on secure data, it is important that our clients can communicate electronically as well as verbally, both in a safe and efficient way.

How We Protect You

In its purest form, secure electronic messages are sent via our secure web platform (https) and are effectively sent “internally” rather than by an unsecure method such as email. Both you and your adviser will be notified of any new messages sent and/or received. This is the same security used by the very largest financial organisations. Any attachments can be added and sent from either your Document Vault or local PC/laptop. Furthermore, you will also have a full history of messages saved on your PFP for ease of reference.

2 Document Vault

As you trust us to look after your finances, we thought we would give you access to the secure Document Vault where you can store any information/documentation you wish. Furthermore, you can also send any documents to us using the Secure Messaging feature. You can also see at a glance how much storage you have used and each document is easily viewed and can be sorted by date up- loaded.

3 Financial Overview

We would like you to easily see details of your finances from one of the intuitive and graphical dashboards. At a high level, information such as Total Worth by Area and Allocation can be viewed from both an individual and relationship level. If you wish to go into further detail, you can do so by viewing your Investments, Pensions and Assets at a click of a button.

4 Investment Analysis

The Financial X-Ray enables you to see additional detail of your investments. Detail such as plan values, Top Ten Funds, Top Ten Holdings and Stock Overlaps (owning several funds that hold positions in some of the same securities) can be viewed with enough information to satisfy your hunger for investment detail, whilst not being over complicated.



5 Access to Fund Fact Sheets

If you wish to see specific information on a particular fund, you can do so by simply clicking on the Fact Sheet link applicable to a particular fund. Information such as Fund Manager, Yield, Crown Rating, Bid Price and Year High and Lows can be seen. PFP-B2C-RW-0313 5 A


6 Update Personal Details

Clients of Riverside Financial Consultants Ltd can use the Personal Finance Portal to advise any changes in personal, employment or budget details previous supplied to your designated adviser. This helps us have all the details necessary to make sure advice keeps up to speed with changes in your circumstances.