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On 23 August 2019, Omnis will implement a reorganisation of four of its funds, otherwise known as a ‘Scheme of Arrangement’. The changes will result in four Omnis funds being transferred into nine new funds. The Scheme of Arrangement will introduce more high-quality investment managers to the Omnis fund range. The addition of these new fund managers and funds will provide you with more diversification – the spreading of risk – and investment choice.


We are continually reviewing our range of funds to ensure we provide you with the best possible investment opportunities. The chart below illustrates how the Scheme of Arrangement will occur, and what percentage of each closing fund will be transitioned into the new funds.

Soa -2019_500x 493

We are appointing four of the best investment managers in the industry to our portfolio; RWC Partners, Hermes Investment Management, AXA Investment Managers and Fulcrum Asset Management. Managing the other funds will be three of our existing investment managers; Jupiter Asset Management, Fidelity International and T. Rowe Price Investment Management. We believe these investment managers will be able to provide you with the long-term investing you need to make your wealth grow.


There is no action required by you as we have managed every aspect of this change, keeping in touch with your financial adviser throughout the process.

Importantly, the level of investment risk, the risk you take on when investing, will not change; and there is no need for you to change your investments as a result. We also anticipate there will be no material changes to any of the fees you are charged to invest with us.

For more information on this change, we recommend you speak to your financial adviser, who will be happy to help.